Multi-media Changping

      Beijing Changping Business Promotion Bureau is set up in 2000, including 9 departments: general office, integrated department, CE service department, investment promotion department , investment promotion department , investment promotion department , investment promotion department , information resources department and enterprise affairs department.

Main Functions
1To do Direct Business Promotion
Attracting investment and negotiating with projects through exchanges with the outside world, establishing communication channels to get investment information, planning and packaging of the investment projects.
2To carry out investment promotion activities
Being responsible for planning and organizing important investment promotion activities of the district and helping other units in planning investment promotion activities.
3To Provide Coordination Service
Being responsible for supervising relevant departments of the district on the work of improving investment environment, establishing and perfecting “one-stop” service system, coordinating and solving difficulties and problems in registration and construction for investors.
4To Supervise the Implementation
Supervising business promotion departments of towns and relevant units of the district on carrying out business promotion work and informing the implementation, reporting to the local government the implementation of business promotion work and service work of relevant functional departments.
5To Research Policies
Participating in the research and drawing investment policies and measures, being responsible for organizing to implement the policies.

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